Energy diet

Ofer Keren- Owner at Keren Energy

Any energy user needs a diet, because we all consume more energy then we really need.
In fact, any energy user can reduce half of his/her energy consumption without any real harm to “business as usual”. We (all energy users) have become addicted to electricity.
Energy Diet is a way of life and is comparable to any addiction in which the addict (energy user) is truly convinced that he/she is able to reduce energy consumption.
Keren Energy’s research shows that the story only starts here:
After many years of suffering from being “overweight” in our energy use, we can now begin our “National Energy Diet”, utilizing Smart Grid tools as our national “scale”.
A real Smart City is not one which monitors its energy consumption is real-time. A real Smart City is one which shuts down a power plant as a result of the “National Energy Diet”.
Keren Energy has developed a holistic approach to energy saving: an Energy Diet based on the equipment that the user already has. In this case, the monthly energy bill is the “scale” of success. The real game changer is the public awareness and participation. Today, people can start weight loss diets to look better, but with the “National Energy Diet” we all can be on our way to a much better, sustainable, and economical life.
Keren Energy is one of the only firms that markets energy savings and energy efficiency as a product.
Ofer Keren, the owner, has been working in the energy efficiency field for the past 25 years, with a great deal of experience in the industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors.

Yonat Schwartz and Ofer Keren will serve as the operators of the European Foundation ClimaMed

The Clima-Med project supports the transition of eight partner countries in the Southern Neighbourhood towards sustainable, low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

Clima-Med project was launched in June 2018 to be implemented over 48 months with a total budget of € 6,9 million, fully provided by the European Union (ENP).