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Ofer Keren

Ofer founded Keren Energy Ltd. as a leading company in changing the culture of energy consumption, and management of energy resources. Keren Energy Ltd. is working within the R&D framework of the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources, Strategy Fund, Office of the Chief Scientist.
Ofer brings more than 25 years of experience in the Energy Efficiency field, in industry and in many different organizations throughout Israel. Ofer is an expert in utilizes knowledge, experience and a great deal of creative thinking in finding diverse solutions and tailor making them for each organization. He has developed “Nidan’s systematic methodology for the reduction of energy use” and has proven over the years that every organization can reduce a third of the energy consumption by means of "good behavior”.
In the past, Ofer founded and co-partnered for over 10 years "Nidan" company, working in diverse positions in the industry field in Israel (automation and robotics, management development and integrations, managing electricity and more). Ofer is considered an expert in methodological creative thinking (SIT – Tel-Aviv Uni.), a certified electrician licensed for high voltage, has degrees in Business Administration (Israeli institute of Technology – Technion), and Mechanical and Electronics practical engineering (Ruppin).
Ofer served in the IDF Armored Corps as a commander's trainer and instructor. Ofer is married and a father of three.


Mr. Ofer Keren

Yonat Schwartz

Yonat is responsible for behavioral aspects that affect the Energy Efficiency process at Keren Energy Ltd. Her work includes mapping organizational processes and removal of barriers, promoting a long term process towards changing the energy consumption culture in organizations. Yonat accomplishes this through building team work, awareness rising, capacity building, training all levels of the organization and incorporating the different stakeholders and leading decision makers in the organization.
Yonat is a skilled and certified Educational Psychologist, with vast experience in the local municipality sector. She has worked for many years in different municipalities as a supervisor and manager in the psychology department.
Yonat has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Special Education (Tel-Aviv Uni.) ,a Master's degree in Clinical-Educational Psychology (Haifa Uni.), a Master's degree in Environmental Studies (Tel-Aviv Uni.). Yonat has graduated the Program for Leadership in the Negev (Mandel institute), Management of Energy Resources in local municipalities (local municipality center and the Heschel Institute), IPMS: International Programme on the Management of Sustainability (The Netherlands).
Yonat served in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Yonat is married and is a mother of three.


Ms. Yonat Schwartz

Smadar Keren

Smadar is the administration manager at Keren Energy Ltd., including bookkeeping, client and suppliers management, and gives managerial support to the company. Additionally, Smadar is the liaison to foundations, government offices and government ministries.
Smadar brings with her extensive experience in building business plans, strategy formalization, human resources and implementation of long and short term performance plans.
Smadar has vast managerial experience as she has held the positions of general director, CEO and head of the acquisition department in several companies.
Smadar has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology (Tel-Aviv Uni.), Master's degree in Mass Communication (The Hebrew Uni.), and graduated from the International Trade, Acquisition, Director's course.
Smadar served in the IDF Air Force. Smadar is married and a mother of three.


Ziv Haba

Ziv leads and escorts the Energy Efficiency process at factories and different organizations. Ziv has an executive Master's degree (EMBA Tel-Aviv Uni.) and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Logistics (Bar-Ilan Uni).
Ziv brings to Keren Energy Ltd. his vast experience in managing the operational side in the industrial sector. In the past, he has been a plant manager, supply chain production manager, and vice president of projects.
From his managerial experience in the industrial field, Ziv has understood that along with the great potential of Energy Efficiency, organizations generally have difficulty in implementing EE projects due in part to the lack of knowledge, lack of systematic plans and methods, and internal barriers. In order to address this need, Ziv leads our activity in the industry field, kibbutzim and large organizations. In these projects Ziv uses his extensive experience, and works together with the clients in promoting a meaningful change in energy management and the reduction of energy costs.
Ziv was an officer in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Ziv is married and a father of three.


Dikla Zisman

Dikla escorts the Energy Efficiency process in local municipalities. Today Dikla heads and manages Keren Energy Ltd. projects in the southern city of Eilat. While managing the process, Dikla exhibits a great deal of charisma, pleasantness, decisiveness and an ability to work with many diverse sectors within the municipal system.
Dikla has a Bachelor's degree in Electric and Computer Engineering (Ben-Gurion Uni.), a Master's degree in Bio-Medical Engineering (the Israeli Institute of Technology, Technion) and has majored in Algorithms and Signal Processing.
Dikla brings to Keren Energy Ltd. her rich occupational experience working in high-tech companies, marketing and developing patents and algorithms.
In addition, Dikla has worked in environmental education, lectured on Energy Efficiency in NGOs, and has developed a course on "bio-technology and the environment" which she teaches in the Brauda College for Engineering (Carmiel).
Dikla served as an instructor for combat medics in the IDF.
Dikla is married and a mother of four children.


Yisrael Rappaport

Yisrael manages and escorts organizations and factories in the process of Energy Efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions. Yisrael works with the Keren Energy Ltd. method including performing focused audits, employee training, creative problem solving, leading a cross organization change and opportunity implementation of Energy Efficiency actions. Yisrael is talented in finding technical engineering solutions, new technologies (best practice) and helps direct energy resource managers. At Keren Energy Ltd., Yisrael is in charge of an energy audit and Energy Efficiency project funded mostly by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Agency for Small and Medium Businesses. Yisrael is also Keren Energy Ltd. representative working and collaborating with the Ministry of Defense.
Yisrael has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Renewable Energy (Vermont, U.S.A.) and is currently studying for his Master's degree in Energy Engineering (Afeka, Tel-Aviv).
Yisrael served in the Ministry of Defense, Engineering and Building Branch, and was responsible for Energy Efficiency and renewable energy, researching new and existing technologies of renewable energy, electricity, water and machines.
Yisrael is married and a father of two.